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For any level 3 NICU nurses out there can you tell us who scrubs in on a C/S to receive the baby. Is it an NICU nurse/practitioner or L/D staff?

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Actually, it was neither of those. It was the resident or the fellow. I guess that would mean the nurse practitioner, too.

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For all our high risk deliveries (which includes all c-sections), our team includes a NICU nurse, RT, and MD for each baby. There is always a fellow or attending there to help the resident. The only time our NNPs go to deliveries is for multiples when we'll need lots of hands.


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Usually the charge nurse and a neonatologist attend the C/S deliveries where I work. If the newborn is doing well, they leave the baby in the care of the OB and LD staff and return to NICU. Our charge nurse is the only charge nurse in the entire hospital not to get a patient assignment because she or he attends all of the deliveries requiring NICU assistance.

If any issues arise they will take baby to NICU as soon as they can for treatment or observation. NICU non charge nurses and NNP stay in NICU unless we have multiple simultaneous high risk deliveries. We always keep one NNP or neonatologist in NICU though. If we don't have enough neonatologists or NNP available, the OBs will have to handle the full term deliveries and NICU staff sticks with the preemies. Of course we might call in more docs if required because we only have one NNP on staff!

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In my unit, the NICU charge goes all the time, along with the Neonatologist. We don't have NNP's at my current place. However, due to higher volume, all of the NICU nurses are being trained to go to c/s deliveries. Sometimes, we need more than one pair of hands, or we have multiple c/s going on at the same time. IF we are expecting a micropreemie or multiples, the charge nurse, neonatologist, and the RT go, along with an RN if needed.

At my hospital, whoever is up for an admission goes to every c/s. And that can be a real PITA during the week when they schedual them!

We'll go with an resident or NNP, an intern usually tags along.

The baby is handed to the circulatind nurse who then brings the baby to the warmer.

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