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C plus on micro bio

Wow. One thing is for sure, I will never take another summer class again while working full time.This really put a damper on my spirit. Only good thing is I survived and that I'm already in the nursing program. But if this class is any indication of what's to come in the nursing program, god help me.

I think doable classes can become he!! classes during summer. That said, nursing classes are SO different from pre-req classes that I'm sure there's bound to be an adjustment period. Congrats on getting through with a passing grade (even if it's not quite what you would have liked to get)!!

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I hear ya on micro, I hate it and I am retaking it this Summer, I have four more weeks left of this beast. The good news is that I just got accepted to the Fall 2012 program. I am retaking it over because it expired last semester, If I had gotten accepted last semester then I wouldn't have to take it. If I withdraw from the class financial aid will suspend me, and I can't afford to pay for next semesters tuition or books. Working full time and Summer classes just don't mix.

I took that beast last semester and got my first C ever in college. I am a straight A student so that really sucked. I am already in the Program for Fall 2012...good luck to you and don't sweat it. Currently ia am taking A&P II, and of course summer classes are tough (I do work fulltime), but we have to do what we have to do. It will pay off in the end!!

Micro and pharmacology were my two least favorite courses. They seemed really heavy on memorization of lists of facts rather than needing to understand concepts. Don't get me wrong, there certainly are concepts to grasp in each, but to much more of it seemed like lists of "random" facts to memorize. (Anatomy also was fairly concept-light, but because it was often attached to objects that I could see/feel/imagine more easily, I found that "factoid" memorization rather straightforward.)

I had the pleasure of taking micro THREE times -- once for my undergrad. Once about 5 or 6 years later when I was thinking about a healthcare career (because my first go around was considered "expired") and then AGAIN when I finally decided I was *really* going to apply to ABSN programs, because even the 2nd time around had expired too. It was equally interesting each time, LOL.


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I got a C in Micro when I took it but was still able to get into nursing school (starting in the Fall!) I enjoyed Anatomy and Physio much more than that class!


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