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Hey there. Can anybody tell me if this is a problem for me, or just another trick by publisher/academia to get us to pay highest price for textbk and not shop around online.

I thought I found the exact Med/Surg textbook for adult health,

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Patient Care, Volume 1&2, 5th EditionBy Priscilla LeMone, Karen M. Burke, Gerene Bauldoff, BUT, now finallly the textbook and its corresponding isbn# came up on the school site; and it is different from the isbn on the back of the book i purchased. same cover, edition, title, etc. saved about $100 b/t the 2, but before the class starts i want to make sure i have the same exact book. i had a different edition on a couple first term and i did not like it...always hustling to figure out where the graph, picture, textbox etc was in class. another layer of stress i personally didnt need!

thanks for your time.


If its the same author, publisher, and edition you're golden.

The constant new editions is the racket. I have a drug handbook from 1999 lol if somethings not in it I look at someone elses or just google.

If you have the same exact publisher, edition, title - you're fine.

If there are ANY changes, they will be very very minimal.


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I LOVE shopping for textbooks online!!! (By the way, if you sign up for Amazon Student, you get FREE 2 day shipping on tons of stuff, including textbooks, for an entire year!) I would never set foot in a book store after a deal like that. Spread the word!


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We are using a 2008 textbook that includes mostly citations from 2005 and 2006. What you have to realize is that it takes a couple years to write a textbook and get it published. So, now it's 2011 and responsible profs should be providing us with some addendums. I prefer to be current, but then I want to be NCLEX ready, as well--shooting for a happy medium. I know from studying for Paramedic National Boards that there's the real-life way, the book way, and the test way. This is why I'm avoiding the nursing mags for now. Once I get my RN then I'll start reading and perhaps writing for the mags.


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I haven't done it for nursing, but that's because books are part of my tuition where I attend. However, in my previous degree- I ONLY bought books online. In fact, I bought the international edition if it was at all possible. They were the EXACT same book, just typically a different picture on the cover. One semester alone I saved over $500.00 by doing that. (One book my school wanted to charge me $245 for, Amazon wanted $210, the international edition was $65.00. I KID YOU NOT!!!!)

Are you lucky like we are in that your instructors usually put graphs from the book in their power points anyway? If so, I wouldn't stress AT ALL. (Besides, saving a little money isn't 100% bad, as long as you have the same edition of the same book.)