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I just graduated from nursing school and am spreading the word that many of the books used in schools can be bought on-line through various companies like amazon, ebay etc.....

I saved a bunch of cash the last two semesters when I finally figured this one out.

Also, sometimes there are required classes that also require million dolllar books, but you never use the book. (These are the nursing issues classes, etc. NOT theory, etc) don't buy it if you can read it at the library. You can reserve the same book and share with a friend. Which brings up another topic. Get a study pal, preferably one with the same habits as you and who is smarter than you are. Perhaps you can share books as well as knowledge. Hope this helps!


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Hi Redwing,

I just got my book list for my first semester of nursing school yesterday. I will definately take a look online.

What websites would you recommend we use? I have only ever used to purchase books for reading enjoyment, never school text books.


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Try it's a site that checks all the online bookstores (Amazon, Ecampus, etc.) for the lowest price, and gives you a list of all of them. It's the only site i'll use now to buy my books. A word of advice, always check your local bookstores too, I've often found that with shipping costs, a book can cost just as much online!! (besides if you're into instant gratification like me, it's nice to not have to wait two weeks for them to come in the mail!!:D )


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I used and had my books, generally, on my doorstep in a couple of weeks. Since the shipper used book rates, it takes a bit longer but heck, I had all summer! There are other places to buy on line, but I like amazon. Guess it's a trust thing.


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I purchased almost all of my books throughout nursing school online instead of the school bookstore, saved a bunch of money !

Excellent speedy service through B&N, Amazon and I think a place called ebooks, something like that.

Good idea;)


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I bought almost all of my nursing books from and got some really good deals. The shipping never took as long as they said it would either, I usually got my books within a week. (it can take longer though so keep that in mind when ordering.) Most of the books I ordered were also in better condition than described. The site is also good for selling your used books. I sold some of my nursing books for more than what I payed for can't beat that!!!!


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i think i posted this up before


it will hook you up :p

It connects with all the known web sites out there that sells books and compares them to see which web site is cheapest :)

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