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Hello all! Just wondering if there are any LVN's or LPN's in business for themselves and what type of businesses they are doing. I keep reading post after post from RN's (and that's wonderful) but would love to read some from fellow LVN's that talk about their businesses, how they got started, are they financially secure, would they recommend starting a business, and any other advice or suggestions.

I have a silver jewelry business on the side which is growing nicely. I like the business and it allows me to have a little fun while learning the ins and out of retail etc. I don't make enough to live off of it but I make enough to cover incidentals. I am working on growing it and building a website. Already have the business cards. I am interested in starting another business that would incoporate my nursing skills but don't have a real direction yet. So reading about others would really spur the brainstorming and get me fired up to get on the track already.

I look forward to hearing from you LVN's and LPN's. Share away!!


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Read the other topics on this forum and you will get some ideas that have been shared.


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nightngale...thanks for the info. I checked out the other posts and noticed LoisJean's posts. She seems to be very successful and happy in her business AND is an LPN. Great inspiration!

Would be nice to see other posting from LPN's as well. Most of what I read was written by RN's. Perhaps I missed something?

This is a good forum. I'll keep reading....:)

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I do not think (to be honest I do not often take notice) whether people are LPN or RN unless it comes up as a topic.

Lois Jean is certainly a wonderful example of a nurse taking a giant step in Entrepreneural Nursing.

I subcontract as a Vendor thorugh agenices with my S-Corp. Anyone could do that and reep more tax benefit. I also help with CPR instruction (as a BLS Instructor); I have noticed that many instructors are EMT's.

Also try checking in on National Nurses in Business to see what they may show as lecture options. There menu has improved greatly; I have not looked at it in a while though due to working my tail off these days (not a bad thing).

Let us know how we can help.


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Many states now allow RNs and LVNs to be independent contractors to Medicaid recipients. In CA I work in the EPSDT system - that's pediatric home based shift care. I work as an independent and love the control over my client choice, hours of work, patient relationships etc.

I believe Texas has one of the most user friendly application processes, on line, of any state, but please check if it is also for LVNs.

Hope this helps.


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I have been an LPN for 20 years and had numerous little business' on the side. I use to do 24 craft shows a year and loved every minute of it. However I work in a state where you have to work 1000 hours in 5 years to keep your licenses active. I got around that by doing Drug and Alcohol testing. Took a brief class (2 days) and became an independent contractor. I picked and chose my jobs to suit me. Now I am starting stain glass and work 2 double shifts in corrections. I know from past craft show experience their is a lot of money that can be made off jewerly. I myself use to buy a lot of Jewerly at craft shows and fairs. The good thing about craft shows and fairs is you can take your kids with you. You just pack it all up and go. You have a great time and make money and it will teach you a great way to sell and market your craft. You will be suprised the money that can be made in a day.


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txsugarlvn: Welcome!

The experience and vitality that an LPN/LVN can bring to the Entrepreneural aspect of nursing is staggering. We are traditionally the hands on care givers. There are numerous ways to use our nursing skills in the area of self employment.

We Licensed Nurses are not used to the idea that we can do something without permission or supervision. This is something that needs to be discussed more within the subject of the LPN/LVN as a self employed entity providing NURSING services or services which require a nursing background. Within these areas are exciting opportunities for the LPN/LVN. We need to find and explore these.

We need to do this because as our knowledge base and skills become weakened and utilized less and less by organized health facilities, ( such as hospitals, for instance), Licensed Nurses find themselves 'herded' much like cattle into areas of nursing where they don't particularly want to practice..., (like LTC, for instance.) Because of these limitations, it is important to me that the LPN/LVN who is becoming restless, irritable and discontent, understand that there are Entrepreneural options.

There are one hundred and one ways in which an LPN/LVN may provide nursing services within a community setting; there are another one hundred and one ways an LPN/LVN can use his/her knowledge in non-traditional nursing areas.

You have a right to work for yourself utilitzing your education, training and skills. While not all nurses are geared toward self-employment, ALL NURSE MAY BE SELF EMPLOYED. If one is working under a nursing license, though, the State scope of practice must be adhered to. (It would benefit the LPN/LVN to understand that those 'scopes' can be changed if enough push is exerted by enough Licensed Nurses).

My foot care business is ready to take another upward move. My goal is to team up with an RN who wants to provide Wound Care in the Entepreneural setting. Since I believe that these two nursing skills go hand in hand, I feel that there will be a need for this type of Private Duty care within the community setting in the very near future.

If you want to be self employed as a NURSE, then it becomes especially important that you carry yourself as a Professional:

1. Do not let any one tell you that you cannot be your own boss.

2. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not allowed to employ yourself under your license to practice.

3. Do not believe that as an Licensed Nurse you have no respectability in regards to Professional Nursing. If you have a solid experience record as a working nurse, you are a Professional in the field you represent.

Having some sense of owning and operating a small business, such as has been mentioned here, ie., jewelry and craft shows, is good-- but, when I come onto this board, I come as a Nurse who owns and operates her own nursing business. Nurse first, business second...because of the kind of work I do.

You tell us what your skills are! What areas of nursing are you best suited for? What types of people do you enjoy caring for? Old? Young? Who would benefit from your service? Give us an idea of what you'd like to do.


Lois Jean


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I AM SO GLAD THAT THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE OTHER THAN ME THAT IS AN LVN and has the desire to be self employed, but as always, feeling the strain of not being able to perform totally solo. I would love all the information there is out there to help me start my own scope of "home health", either visits or even a full shift, but all cutting out the "middle man" and keeping it all within the LVN scope. HELP!!! I am tired of being told, "you can't do it your just an LVN"..


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I will definitely check this out.


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That is great to hear that LPN's are in business for themselves. I too would like to do some independently. I love working with adults in a home care setting. I wish that there was a way a LPN could make home visits to do insulin, b 12, lovonex injections, wound care or monitor vital signs as a md request. If anyone out there know how or if this is possible please post any advise. Maybe someone is doing something that we are not aware of independently please post.


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Any nurses out there working with any life insurance companies or mobiles companies.?


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To all the nurses that have a foot biz, can you share some information on the training, where to get it, and how your biz is doing. Do you visit homes or in a establishment? Thanks and best success....


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