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Totally burned out DON, I'm thinking about working in MDS. Can anyone recommend online classes to bring me up to snuff? I used to do MDSs when they were pencil and paper. (LOL!)

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You could check out AANAC for classes on line, also checking the CMS site for downloading the manual. Good luck, a lot has changed.


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Hello. My suggestion is to go to an AANAC class, however, you will be overwhelmed after the first day of training. AANAC is having their annual National Convention in Austin, TX May 2nd - 4th. Not sure where you are located, but this would give you some great information even though you may not understand all of what is happening. I am actually teaching a class during the convention on Advanced Beneficiary Notices on May 3rd. It is a wonderful introduction to the MDS world if you have a chance to go.


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The AANAC Annual Conference is actually in San Antonio, TX and I would totally recommend taking the certification training through AANAC. I was a DON and totally burned out as well. Took the class in late August, certification testing in October and I am now working as an MDS Coordinator. I like this much better though the stressors are different, I don't have all the extra baggage I brought home with me every night as a DON :) Good Luck!

Is there a difference between the online modules / tests that are given at the end of each module in order to receive an MDS certificate and becoming "certified"? I just started a new position as an Clinical Reimbursement Manager doing the MDS's. It's all new to me. I have sat in from of a computer for a week streight to do the modules before I can be trained by a "real" person. At least I am not pressured into having to be in a hurry and was told that I would never have total responsibility for the whole facility MDS's for a few months. I'm just wondering, how does becoming "certified" work?


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Did you leave your DON job? Any chance, if not, that you can be tutored fom your MDS person? Hands down, in your face training is way better than a 'class'. It's just too bizarre of an idea, MDS, if it isn't practical training. And certification is not required anywhere anyway.


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You need no cerification to be an MDS Coordinator, unless your employer requires it. It is not a licensed occupation. It's another expensive educational burden. Best bet it to get hands on training for someone you know that does MDS- you may find it's too crazy for you, or you may love it, then feel justified at taking online classes, or 'becoming certified'.

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