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Hello all. I have a question. My little 12 y/o brother has 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns over his chest covering about 8% of his body. He has been sent home in my care to perform debridement and... Read More

  1. by   Kyriaka
    Loratab?? Hardly.

    Not enough in my humble opinion.

    Delight, you are not the only one. All around bad.

    (former burn patient & nursing student)
  2. by   clgmezzo
    Burn care requires careful instruction to family members performing the procedures. You should have sterile gloves and other supplies. This is NOT appropriate, and from the other posts ive seen from you on the matter his care overall seems very inappropriate. Lortabs are NOT appropriate. Our kids depending on age if they are yuoung and light of wt get tylenol #3, or vidocin 30 min prior to dressing changes. It is going to hurt and he may holler a bit no matter what you do, it is the nature of an injury, and this is coming from a nurse who keeps her pts as doped as possible during bad dressing changes. But these treatments seem VERY inapprotriate. Many regional burn centers have outpatient clinics where you can make an appointment or simply walk in as an outpatient. Some of my pts come from as far as 1 1/2 hours away or more, but this care is very tricky and not may practitioners know how to take care of these things properly. Also if you are unsure of the dressing changes you should demand home health at least for a few days of instruction, the problem is that many home health nurses also are not skilled in this area. This is an infectin waiting to happen so you must be very careful!
  3. by   z's playa
    To original poster...how is everything? I was reading over this thread and I get so angry at this doctor that tells you how your child should respond to his orders. Switch doctors. Ask for a second, third fourth opinion.
  4. by   nekhismom
    Thanks everyone. Let me update you on the goings-on. My brother is now scheduled to have a skin graft. HE still does not have any adequate pain control. My brother begged the Dr. personally for something else, and the dr. refused. This surgeon is NOT a burn specialist, just a general surgeon. However, a burn specialist has been scheduled to come in and perform the skin graft. There apparently is no burn specialist in the area, so someone comes from out of town. The dr. has said that he will "probably" give my brother stronger pain meds following the graft. I hope the burn surgeon will be more inclined to treat pain. My brother, in the mean time, has decided to forego the Lortab prior to dressing changes altogether, as he says it feels exactly the same with it as without it. The dr. NEVER told us that burn care should be sterile, and in fact when I asked him if the care needed to be sterile, he said no. My brother does NOT even come close to being sterile, and sometimes not even clean when trying to clean the burn! He's 12, and somehow just doesn't understand that he needs to use clean water to clean the burn, not the same water he is bathing in. His burn oozes a nasty greenish pururlent stuff that covers each dressing. Really nasty. Some of the burned areas have healed and are now covered with a nice, pink shiny skin. Other areas look like ground beef. I don't have any knowledge of burn care, so I don't know what to do with it. I have asked my mother to follow up on the specifics of his care and to make sure that the burn is not infected. Beyond this, I don't know what else to do. Thanks to everyone who has given me suggestions and thanks for your support and encouragement! I'll let you know how things go.
  5. by   cimersrn
    I'm so sorry that you and your brother are going through this. I wish you lived in this neck of the woods so I could come over there and help out. It sounds like this doc is not only beyond clueless but cruel as well! You can bet that if it were one of his loved ones suffering, the narcotics would be flowing like water! And yes, burn wound care is done with sterile technique.... how could he not know this!!! And his pain control is completely inadequate! Hopefully the burn doc who does his surgery will provide the appropriate care and pain control. In our unit we premedicate for drsg changes, in addition to the meds used during the change itself. Usually the premed includes something for pain, such as oxycodone, as well as something for anxiety, such as valium or versed. I think the anti anxiety aspect of this is very important, and the versed is especially good as it has a somewhat amnesia causing effect. Please let us know how your brother's surgery, and his follow up care, goes.
  6. by   nekhismom
    Thanks everyone for your caring and support. Dave, I actually OFFERED the physician some of your suggestions, but he said that nurses have different ways of choosing to treat pain, and he didn't treat pain in those ways. :angryfire

    Anyway, my brother had the skin graft already and is doing well. BOth the graft site and the donor site are healing just fine. He NEVER did get adequate pain control, though. It makes me sick. Maybe, when I grow up (he he) I will be a pain control NP just to make sure that people don't have to suffer needlessly!!

    Thanks to everyone for your wisdom and support, and for caring.
  7. by   redwinggirlie
    I work in a burn unit and am surprised your son was sent home for care. Have you adjusted the timing of when he takes the med? Can you, with the physician's approval, give more, like one and a half tabs?
    Truth be told, when I push 20 of morphine on my burn patients, they still have much pain when we treat their burns. It is going to hurt.
    Forgive if you've said so, but why has your son not received skin grafts for those burns? That in itself just is not right.