Burlington County College Evening Program


So I understand there is no waiting list but I just wanted to get an opinion from someone familiar with the evening program and how it accepts people.

I have the following classes completed:







PSY-256 (Program Course)


Still need (Program Courses)

(BIO-110)Gen Ed.

(BIO-111)Gen Ed.






(Nursing Program) once accepted






I am taking the NET April 18th... What do you think my chances are for getting a seat for Spring 2010 are?

Thanks to all!!!

Patiently waiting Dara

I got accepted when all of my pre-reqs were completely finished. But I still sent in the form for admission every semester just in cast.

I applied twice before my pre reqs were done. The last time I applied for Spring '09, and had Chemistry left to take. I took Chem in the Fall '08 semester and would have been done before Spring '09 began. While I was taking Chemistry, I got my "you have not been accepted" letter. You really do have to have everything done before they will look at you. I just got accepted for the Fall '09 program. BTW anyone know the days and hours for the day program? I need to work on getting childcare, so I need to know when I'll be in school.

If I remember correctely, day is Mon-Thur. Lecture is 8-10ish and clinicals are wed/thur 7am-1. Lab is in there somewhere (I think on tues) sometime after lecture. Fridays I think they do tests. But do not hold me to that. I was in 119 along time ago! Good luck, and remember: NEVER get behind in the reading, and most important, buy an NCLEX study book right away. This book is your bible and will help you with the question style of the nursing tests. Also helps to build your critical thinking skills. Alot has changed in the program over the last year, you should have your schedule on line as soon as you sign up for NUR119.


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Congrats on getting in! I got a denial letter today, reason was no BIO 120/121...although I got a "B" in my high school Bio w/ lab so I don't need to take it? So annoying, so I guess I will be calling them Mon to find out what is up with that...I have everything done except A&P II and Micro which I am taking right now.

Thanks so much. I want to get on top of getting childcare for my 2 yr old twins and their 6 yr old brother. I just needed to know when I have to leave the house and when I need someone here or to have them somewhere.

I would so fight the bio thing. Was it not on your transcript??? Fight for your spot!!!! Are they talking about Microbiology, because if I remember correctely bio110 was basic (high school). Make sure of this because micro is completely different form of biology, and I think this is 120. Good Luck.

I know they want EVERYTHING done before they accept you. I was in Chem and would've been done by the time classes started and still didn't get in.


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thanks, I looked up 120 and it was Basic Biology....it is right on my high school transcript so I don't know what their problem is?!?!?! Looks like I am looking at Spring 2010 since I don't have everything done anyway, but I don't want it to be an issue again. I am applying to Our Lady of Lourdes also, so wherever I get into first I will go, but I would rather go to Our Lady of Lourdes at this point

I had alot of problems with BCC, but I finally made it through. I heard they are all the same as far as getting in. Shortage of teaching staff. Good Luck to both of you. Study hard.:D

I really wanted to get into the night program, but figured I would take anything after getting rejected twice! Now I am stressing because of the whole childcare issue. If I went at night I wouldn't have to worry about getting my son on/off the bus, and finding someone/somewhere for my girls. I'm afraid not to go in the Fall for fear I wouldn't get accepted into the Spring night program. I really should've done this when I was younger! :smackingf


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I am with you on all of that :) I was laid off in Nov so I was really hoping for Fall 2009, but if I have to wait another few months, I will....

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