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I'm so upset that I didnt get into the LPN-ADN transition program this January. My school pays for my childs day-care and I have completed all my classes I need for the ADN program. What am I suppose to do now? I really wanted this. I'm just at a lost.

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I'm so sorry this happened to you. Here's a hug. (((((hug))))) :icon_hug:

Perhaps you can evaluate the reasons for not getting into the transition program, if you don't know already. Of course, the best option is to keep on trying until you get accepted, even if it entails reapplying at this school, or even applying at another school. I know you really want to get into your current school's transition program due to the free daycare being offered.


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Well, I guess you keep working as an LPN, honing your skills and upgrading any marks that may have been percieved as lacking by the school.

Sometimes things happen for a reason which is very unclear to us at the time. Looking back a few years, I'm glad I didn't get into the RN programme. I'm finishing my degree in a field that really interests me. Something I wouldn't be doing if I was still carrying the student loan from university for that degree.

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I'm sorry to read this. I would contact the person making the decision to find out why you weren't selected. I would also check into other CC programs. Best of luck to you.

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