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Quick details about myself: 31 Y/O male. Married, no kids. I have my AS in health science. Medic in the army for 8 years. NOT making it a 20 year career.

Due to a shoulder injury, my time in the army is finite. I can't change to another job in the Army. I'm looking at getting into the nursing field. I already used my tuition assistance for my AS, so I can't use it for my ASN. Is it possible to go straight into a BSN program online? Have any of you done this before? Any schools to recommend?

You can go straight to a BSN program, it is not contingent upon an ASN. However you can not attend an online BSN program unless you already possess an RN license. Look at the listed requirements for any program that interests you. If you have specific questions, contact a nursing advisor at that school.

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BSNs from scratch cannot be done online because there is a large clinical component. You can only do a BSN online if you're already a nurse and doing an RN to BSN program. You could always do an ASN somewhere and then do an RN to BSN online but the ASN portion would still be in person because there's no way to become a nurse online.

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Having an Associates in Nursing is NOT a pre-req to a BSN program. I entered my BSN program straight out of high school and took NCLEX-RN following completion of that program. No kind of nursing training or anything prior to entering my BSN program.

You cannot, as others have said, do an online BSN program if you're not already a licensed RN. Those online programs are RN to BSN programs for licensed RNs.

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You don't need an ADN first to get your BSN. However, as others had said, you're not going to find a pre-licensure program that is entirely online. The best you may be able to find is a hybrid, where lectures/coursework may be online, but you're still going to have to go somewhere to do the clincial component in person.

Since you're in Texas, University of Texas at Arlington has just such a hybrid BSN program. It's possible that they may have local facilities in your part of TX that you can do the clinicals at.

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