I've read a lot about the RN-BSN bridge but I've never seen anyone talk about BSN right after high school. I'm a senior hs student graduating in June. I want to go to BSN right after high school. I got accepted to CSULB but as Undeclared student. Now I'm thinking twice if I should go BSN straight without the RN bridge. My back up plan is to go to community college but my parents won't let me decide for myself. Any thoughts on going straight to BSN vs RN-BSN?

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I went to the BSN directly out of high school. Some benefits to doing it that way: no life events to get in the way of completing an RN-to-BSN program, access to jobs accepting BSN only applicants.

I would do your research concerning the job market in your area- do job postings state BSN preferred or required? The job market in CA (assuming that's where you are since you say CSULB, but is true of many areas) is tough for new grads- you may want every advantage you can get. That would include working in the health field during school if possible and getting the BSN.


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Also, your parents won't let you decide for yourself? Sounds like you need to have the "I'm an adult now" talk with them, unless you absolutely can't finance your way through school. Then, perhaps have the "this is a better idea" talk with them to persuade them. Have reasons. Parents are more apt to respond to reasons and finances than desires.