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BSN 2015 September intake UFV/KPU


Hi everyone I was wondering who is applying to this intake and with what gpa and volunteer hours. Right out of high school or a University student? I'm a highschool student with a 90 percent average for all the four pre reqs (chem 11 math 11 bio 12 eng 12) Do I have a chance of getting in?

Have you had your interview for UFV?

No, I just applied online this year it is for the next September intake they wont do interviews just yet.

Your marks are promising :) they prefer a 3.5 GPA or higher.

How about your volunteer hours? Are they in a medical field?

Reference letters? You need 2 minimum.

I am currently on the wait list for January 2015. Hopefully you get an interview come September :)


I submitted just one reference letter and I got accepted. I'm not sure if you require more than one, it's always better to have more though.

That's awesome! :) I always think the more the merrier haha

I originally applied to the sept 2014 intake and when I wasn't accepted, I spoke to Ms. NG and she said I had to get at least one letter grade higher in math. (I had a C+)

so I've since been working on a higher

Grade. I asked to be deferred to sept 2015 intake so I could try for fast track.:) doing fast track in sept still gets you graduated earlier than the intake

Before you in January. I'm in such a rush to be a nurse!!

The rest of my application was pretty much flawless though. Thousands of hours with volunteering and workplace as an MOA. I had three outstanding references and my interview went fantastically! Stupid math!!!!

Sorry for so many postings; I have issues with this site and my phone :(

Hi everyone! I applied to KPU with a GPA of 3.9 and 3 years experience as an LPN with experience in acute care, surgical, dementia and residential. I have also completed 18 first year university credits that can transfer over into my first year and significantly lighten my workload. Here's hoping I get a seat!! :D #KPUsept2015

Hi everyone do you know the GPA cut off? mine is 3.43 as of now, and i heard that the cutoff is usually 3.50. i have 150 hours of volunteer at a shot clinic (pub. health) and at a old folks home. Let me know your thoughts of me getting in!

Oh they accepted my newest Chem mark and my GPA is 3.68!! :D

Awesome! Did you apply for transfer credit? How long did it take for them to get back to you?

Have you heard many good/bad things about the BSN program at KPU? I want to make sure its a good university

I'm applying at UFV chantellecoco!

Apply for UFV!! I'm currently at ufv in the human anatomy, and love the teachers.

I have a friend that goes to KPU and likes it as well, but that is for psych nursing. I have heard a lot of mixed things about KPU, but I'm not one to judge! :)

You guys should have your final answers by May of this year :)

good luck to you all! I withdrew my application in December. Hardest pill to swallow! But I'm going to go for midwifery at UBC now.