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BSN Programs while traveling

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I would like to obtain my BSN, and possibly more, while traveling. There are tons of online programs so I would like to know what are travelers favorites. I am sure there are tons of posts about it already but I would like to know anyway :-) Thanks as always for the information!!

Virtually nothing in this forum. Lots in other Allnurses forums - do a search. In fact, I researched it last year and the various threads on it were very useful. Between those threads and the online school sites, I had no questions.

I came to the conclusion that Western Governors University would be best for me. Reputable and lower cost than other options, especially for me since they allow you to take as many classes as you can complete in 6 months for the same semester fee. I haven't done it as I'm close to the end of my career and there is little point in a BSN for nurse travelers, only staff at magnet hospitals.

Look into Grand Canyon University based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Online classes, each class is 5 weeks. I'm not currently a traveler right now, but plan to in the next 6 months and I think it'll be manageable.


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