BSN Programs around Tulsa?

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Can anyone tell me what BSN programs are available in the Tulsa area?

I found OU's and just curious if that is the only one.

I'm also curious if it is very competitive or if there is a wait list? I meet all the minimum requirements - so is that going to make it pretty likely I would be accepted?


Langston has one as well. OU has a tradtional program and an accelerated one. If you already have a degree, the accelerated one is possibly for you. They are both very competitive and only take a set number of students a year. TU has a program as well but I do not know about it and TCC has a program but not a BSN but you can I believe bridge to that through them. Good Luck!

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University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

Oral Roberts U.

Rogers State U. (in Claremore)

Langston U.

University of Tulsa

I think that's it.

The OU programs are fairly competitive....I'm applying for their accelerated BSN to start next summer, I have a 3.8 overall GPA and 4.0 science GPA with all my pre-reqs done and I'm SO nervous (my previous degree was in history and I've done all my science pre-reqs at TCC)!

Here are OU's admission statistics from the 2010 application year:

Basically the Tulsa campus got 395 applications for 48 regular BSN spots and and 255 applications for 32 Accelerated BSN spots. That PDF also shows the average GPA and average science GPA for all students who applied and for the students who were accepted. So even though it says the minimum GPA is 2.5, the average GPA of accepted students is well into the mid-3.0s.

As far as I know, OU does not have a waiting list. Either you get in or you don't. And if you don't, you just keep working on your requirements and apply again.

I've done a lot of research on the OU program if you have any more questions!

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