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How difficult is a BSN program online? What are some good programs?

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Difficulty is going to be completely subjective. What I find difficult you may find easy and vice versa. Many online programs rely heavily on written work with very little to no actual testing. In researching programs, you should check into how students are graded and if it is congruent with how you would prefer to be graded. I did a traditional entry-level BSN program, but completed my MSN online. It was exclusively written work- papers and discussions. It is all a matter of preference and opinion.


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I did an RN to BSN online program after I had been a nurse for over 30 years. Stats was my only true challenge, but there were many in my class who failed or were struggling.

Not having face to face time with instructors or classmates can be a disadvantage for some people. Some instructors were responsive and some took offense to being questioned. If you are not a strong writer, it can be a struggle.

Some classes require proctored exams at some universities while others don't. Some do only group projects while others are only individual projects. Be aware of this before you start and realize that online learning is self directed. You teach yourself and control how much you learn.

Many online programs are accelerated, so you do a semester's work in 5 weeks. This helps you get done quickly but can be intense for 5 weeks. Explore different programs, talk with current students, and decide if the program would work for you. Only you can answer this question. Good luck!

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