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I want to get my BSN non-courses out the way, so what courses will more than likely be required? Chemistry, any calculus etc????


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call the college you plan on attending and get a course outline..:)


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you mean pre-reqs for a BSN for people with a BA/BS in a non-nursing discipline? I've just been compiling a list.

In order of frequency, here's the pre-reqs I've seen:



Human Lifespan Development (psych)




No specific math, except for the statistics, and you usually can't get into chemistry without at least Algebra.

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here are some (not acomplete list)



college algebra or some math 100 level course

differential stats

inferential stats



an extra semester of chemistry

extra psychology class

a bunch of other general studies courses

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It REALLY depends on your school. Look it up in the catalog or call an advisor where you plan to attend. Even for the three BSN programs near where I live, they have some drastically different pre-req requirements.

Of course most schools will require 2 semesters of english, 2 semesters of history, psychology, nutrition, A&P, Micro, Chem (my school only required 1 semester), literature, some a foreign language, ethics or a philosophy course, P.E. type courses, statistics, college algebra and a higher math, computer concepts, sociology... the list goes on. :)

Good luck! :)


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It really depends on where you are at. Where I live even the Associates degree of nursing requires Pre--Cal.

this is a real pet peeve of mine. The colleges are so differant that you have to take all the options just in case you dont get into one program.

I have 3 BSN options.

2 require religon, but one you can substitute ethics.

1 requires a whole year of language but the others dont. But you can sub sign language.

None of them require health. However, you have to be CPR certified ahead of time at one of the colleges.

Two require philosophy but you can sub sociology at one of them.

Statistics at one of them but not the other 2. However, you can subst. Physics if you get special permission.

No statistics and no PE.

2 require speech.

1 requires computer but you can test out.

Inorganic chemistry but one requires both inorganic and organic.

1 you have to have economics and managment.

But they all have:

Pre--Cal, A&P I & II, Microbiology, Biology,...I dont know about the others because they were transferrable from 20 years ago. Cant remember all the English/History.

The weird thing is that in this area they are driving people to the BSN program because all the above also apply to the ADN program! So if you have to have Pre--Cal for an associates you might as well get a BSN

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