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I haven't graduated from college yet, I won't until may 2012. I will be about 60,000 plus in debt. I was highly considering joining the Navy for 4 years after I graduate. My question is, when you're a nurse in the Navy will they pay for me to start a NP program while I work for them? Does anyone know anything about how the Navy helps you pay for continuing education after you join?

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Military wants nurses that are experienced, this is from what I have found out. As for NP It depends on the branch and on your C/O, I believe that graduate school while in the military will be very difficult. Imagine if you had to deploy in the middle of the program... what would you do?

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We have a number of military nurses in our MSN program (10-20 per year). There are very few scholarships for NP programs (last year I believe the Navy funded 4 FNPs in the US last year and there were over 100 applicants). Most of the Army, Air Force, and Navy officers funded are for CRNA and CNS programs. In the Navy, NP billets are outside of nursing (they are in medicine), so the Navy Nurse Corps is hesitant on paying people to leave the nursing command.

If the military pays for a graduate degree, you own them 4 more years of fulltime duty after you complete the degree. It can be a great option for people who enjoy military nursing.

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