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BSN or MSN??

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Hi all! So...I thought I had it all figured out (ha!) and once again am realizing that I'm not really sure what I'm doing :uhoh3: I talked to a woman tonight that hires at a long-term care nursing home and she told me nurses with bachelor's degrees are the ones on the floor, while nurses with masters degrees are typically in admin and higher level management positions. She said she actually wouldn't hire an RN with a master's degree to do clinical work at her facility, that she would hire the nurse with a bachelor's degree instead. I know I definitely want to be on the floor at a hospital. Does anyone know if a bachelor's degree over a master's is really the best way to go in a hospital setting?

Most nurses go in the order of getting either an ADN or BSN then get their MSN. I was always told that nurses with MSN are those who get the managerial/administrative positions. ADNs and BSNs are usually the ones at the best side. I have never met a bedside nurse who had his/her MSN. With that note, if you want a hospital setting, go for your ADN/BSN first because if you have a MSN, the hospital might think you are overqualified :twocents: Good luck!

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Nurses that get their MSN are usually aiming for teaching , research or management jobs. There is really no reason for a floor nurse to have an MSN.

Alright, good to know! Thank you for your responses :)


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Thanks for this post.

Definitely cleared some things up on my end.