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I am interested in pursuing advanced education preferably in Family Nurse Practitioner track. I am in the process of looking for an RN to DNP school that would suit my work/family juggling lifestyle which in this day and age online seems to be the best option. There are 100s of schools out there; each with different expectations and requirements which makes it harder to choose one. Anyone out there who is looking for schools or has found a school that they would recommend? I completed my RN to BSN through an online school & enjoyed the online experience, except the school I went to didn't have what I want to continue for my advanced degree. Any suggestion, ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you forgot to mention the area you are looking for school. That will be a very important factor when choosing a school.


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Thanks for the reply. I am exclusively looking for an online program which I find very convenient & a good fit for my work/family life needs at the moment.


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I will be honest, BSN to DNP I'm not certain but I do know chamberlain college of nursing has both an MSN and DNP track for the FNP, feel free too look into it. I work 24 hours a week and have three kids and am working on the MSN-FNP program and it is very doable. I would suggest you consider it. Just my .002. Good luck!


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Thank you 1TraumaNurse! How is the workload at Chamberlain?, Do you get to choose when and how many classes you want to take at a time?. Some schools have cohort programs where you have to fit your schedule to their plans. How long have you been in the program?


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The workload is very doable. I am taking 12 credit hours a semester as full time and work with three kids. Its a lot of work but very doable. I have found the further I get into the program the more challenging it becomes. I will start my clinical rotations this fall so I'm just working on getting through Pharmacology, pathophysiology and advanced assessment now. You can double classes which I have done for three terms now. Once you hit the more advanced classes though, it is not recommended to double and you cannot double up on clinical courses. It would help you to call and talk to someone at the school to get more information. Good luck!

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Frontier Nursing University has BSN-DNP programs for FNP, WHNP, and CNM. I believe the program to be moderately flexible, 11 wk terms, some classes have more fixed dates for deliverables, but most students work around at least one full time job until clinicals.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. This information is very valuable to me as I am in the process of finding the "right"school.

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I attend George Washington University online for BSN-DNP Adult/Gero. Right now I'm taking 6 credit hours so not the full 9 but thats plenty for me after working full time and home life. They also have FNP along with some others.


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University of Arizona also has a BSN-DNP