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BSN to DNP-FNP, how long?


I'm curious how long does it take to complete the program? Do you guys know any school that has the shortest time?


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With BSN, it is about four years full-time. Without it, add 16 to 24 months for accelerated BSN or 12 for the shortest bridge. This is about, that is to say, high-quality product done online, in class or both.

There is an option to do accelerated MSN (16 to 20 months, full time and more of it) and coordinate with MSN-DNP bridge (12 to 16 months if all credentials accounted for). It saves a year, if successful and if time is the only one thing to consider.

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My program was supposed to be 3 years. Due to issues beyond my control with my capstone I'm now slated to graduate May 2016 for a total of 4 years.

Thanks for the replies. Ill probably do MSN FNP first. my program is 18 months. then maybe after some time ill do DNP. Can anyone give me a good MSN-DNP bridge program? Thanks

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Rutgers has a direct BSN to DNP program that I am currently looking into. I am almost finished with my BSN through Drexel, and I am trying to weight which route to take, especially since I am in NJ and from what I know DNP is mandatory for NPs. So if you are looking for a quicker route, Rutgers may be the way to go.