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Hi All,

I am wondering and extremely curious to know why College of Nurses Ontario (CNO) is not recognizing BSc Nursing (Post Basic) degree from India. I have completed GNM Diploma (Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery), which is three year diploma and completed BSc Nursing (Post Basic) from India too. Unfortunately, the assessor notified that I have not completed and approved or equivalent nursing program to write the CRNE.

Actually, I do have a diploma and degree in Nursing.

Currently, I am a Licensed Practical Nursing and working in Alberta for last two years.

I am really stuck and do not know how to move forward.

I need a real HELP!!

Is CNO recognizing the BSc Nursing (Post Basic) from India? The basic qualification to get an admission to this course is GNM plus one year of work experience. The course is mainly designed to GNM nurses who are wishing to upgrade their nursing educational qualification to Bachelor's degree level.

Is there anyone from this group help me, please?


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I don't think we can answer that for you. It would be best if you asked the CNO. If they assessed your education and found it lacking then they will be the ones that will have to explain their findings.

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You accepted the Alberta decision to permit you to write CPRNE instead of CRNE. Have you asked CARNA why they did not approve you to work as an RN her?