Broward College Nursing Program Spring 2022

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Hi guys! Did any one else here apply? The wait is killing me! ? I thought we can keep each other company and exchange words of encouragement as we wait!


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Yes I am waiting..

Good luck! Which campus are you trying for? 

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@LukiJ2 South Campus and Thank you.

Me too! Hope we both get in! Did you already get your points? 

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Yes I hope so too. Yes I did. Did you get yours? @LukiJ2

Yes me too! I got 11 points I hope its enough ??What about you? (If you feel comfortable sharing, of course) 

I wonder how many applicants there are for this semester ? 

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Wow you have way more than I do. I only have 4. ? Also I wonder too.

I read on the pre reqs that students have been accepted with 1 before! Its still totally possible you’ll get accepted! Just depends on the amount of applicants and the average points. We shall stay positive we both get in!  ❤️ ?? 

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Yes that is what I am so nervous about the number of applicants and points. Yes positive vibes only!!

I hope we find some more applicants on here! It would be cool to have a study group already set up before we start. 

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Yes it would be cool and very helpful.

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