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Brooklyn, NY Nurse Beaten Into Coma Has Passed Away


This is an update of sorts to a story from six years ago.

Evelyn Lynch, R.N. a nurse at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY was attacked and brutally beaten by a male patient. She never regained consciousness, and died while still in coma on 11 November 2019, her death has been ruled a homicide.

From NY Daily News:

"A nurse beaten into a coma by a mentally troubled patient in a Brooklyn hospital six years ago has died of her injuries — and her death has been ruled a homicide, cops said Tuesday.

Evelyn Lynch died Nov. 11 at age 75. She never regained consciousness after the Feb. 7, 2014, assault at Brookdale University Hospital, a friend said.

"She was just getting ready to retire [when she was attacked]” said friend Dr. Morvo Forde, the victim’s neighbor in Laurelton, Queens. “She baked a lot. She loved baking and decorating cakes.”




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So sad! I wish facilities would step up and provide the needed security. I do wonder when I hear "mentally troubled pt" if it was a true illness or a person who has learned how to use it and/or the system. Either way my heart goes out!

Oh my! This is my first time of hearing this. She was about to retire and now she's gone. Devastating!