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Broken Glucometer

SemiaM SemiaM (New) New

My client's glucometer is broken. He has an order to 8 units of Novolog PC. He just ate 2 fried eggs, 3 strips of bacon, and 2 pieces of toast. Is it okay if I give him the insulin without measuring his BS?

Nope. One mistake a nurse shouldn't do is ASSUME. Always always always check. A human's body is unpredictable. Can't you borrow any BSL machine from another patient or another ward? I am not over reacting but what if you go to court? What is your nursing evidence? Would you say, "Oh, she just had bacon, egg, and toast." Always cover yourself. You don't want to lose you registration.

You never should give insulin without checking the blood sugar first! Call someone to ask to borrow one. If you're doing home care, call your case manager to figure out what can be done.

Never EVER assume.

As a rule of thumb, I prefer a blood sugar to be too high instead of too low. So in this case, I would rather go without giving him insulin than to have him tank later. Once you give insulin, you can't take it back.

Never. You shouldn't even have to ask this question. The same goes for any medication with perimeters. Think of it this way- What are you going to say on the stand when said resident has a sentinel event and the family's attorney asks you their blood sugar before you administered the 8U. I don't know won't cut it.


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