the broader economic implications of the w.w. health care delivery system implosion

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For months now I have read post from nurses around the world about health care hands on care givers being stressed to the limit. The three causes of this stress seems to be 1. increases in the number of people using health care[especially the elderly and very sick} 2. decreases in the number of skilled people to carry out this care which is caused by a number of things including a economic boom that has people moving into other fields. 3. decrease in funding due to cuts in goverment spending 4. in some countries a switch from non profit to profit payment systems. As a result of what I am hearing I am selling all the health care delivery related stocks I hold and transfering the money to biotechs and pharmacuticals. I am also having a careful look at the funds in my 401K to see how heavily they would be affected by this looming disaster. This sounds heartless, you wonderful nurses are worrying about patients and I am worrying about pensions but I have already left the nursing field, devesting in the financial arena is all that there is left for me to do. I am not suggesting anyone follow my lead but you should all have a look at your pensions funds just as a matter of course.


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