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:nurse: RN from United Kingdom

I'm hoping one of you American RN's maybe able to help me. I'm currently applying for a scholarship to the USA to see how nursing is different in the States to how we Do it in The United Kingdom.

What I need is information on how your recruited, what career progression you receive, do you do rotations once employed, things like that really any information on your role :-)

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Hi there!

Just want to make sure I have an accurate understanding of your situation. Is your goal to conduct a study of nursing differences? If this is the case, you have an additional hurdle to overcome. I hope it is not a surprise, but you will may need to obtain IRB (Institutional Review Board) permissions - this is standard procedure for any type of data collection, whether it is focused on clinical or non-clinical aspects of healthcare. This is an iron-clad requirement intended to ensure compliance with all ethical and legal research requirements. In order to get approval, you will need a well-developed research proposal.

If you know what areas in the US you will be visiting, I suggest that you contact a larger teaching hospital or nursing school in that area and see if they can do your IRB review. If not, they can probably recommend another avenue for you. Having an IRB approval in hand will ensure a much more cordial reception - you may even receive offers of assistance.

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Is this for an essay? Immigration? Registration? I am not sure what you are looking for?

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What do you mean by scholarship? That's money awarded to a student to pay for their education.

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