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I am currently a LVN in Texas and I would like to bridge over to get my rn. I am currently taking prereqs at a central Texas school and it seems endless. I would like to have some feedback from some people that are going to schools with the prereqs "all rolled into one". I know that they have some bad flack behind them but I am simply wanting to become a rn. Should I continue on in hopes of getting into an extremely competitive rn program or should finish this semester and stop while im ahead to apply to one of these schools? Any and all advice would be helpful. Thanks

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I might be a bit confused but if you already have your LVN I doubt you would be eligible for a program that starts with the pre-reqs because that would be the first year of nursing school and you have gone past that unless you wanted to start all over which probably wouldn't be the best way, imo. It does seem endless and that was made worse for me because I was applying to three LPN to RN bridge programs that each had one or two different pre-reqs but I just pushed through, joined the second year RN students and have been very happy with my choice. Good luck.

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I live in Fort Worth and attend an RN program at a trade school in Oklahoma that requires no prerequisite classes for admission. Yes, the prerequisites are rolled into one 14-month program. Many Texans attend this program. However, I doubt you'd be willing to endure the commute and sacrifices of attending school in a bordering state.

Also, Galen College in San Antonio offers a similar program.


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What is the the name of the trade school in Oklahoma that requires no prerequisite?

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