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Thank you, Scrubby! Yes, this is exactly the type of situation I was concerned about, when the surgeon insists on using the instruments despite contamination. What did you do in that situation? Was the surgeon persuaded to stop?

I've found that some surgeons just don't care about things like holes in sterile wrapping etc. The reason I dropped the instrument on the floor like I did is because I knew it was the only thing I could do to stop the instrument being used. By dropping it on the floor it is such an obvious breach of sterility (more than holes in the wrapping) and even the surgeon isn't stupid enough to use an instrument that has been on the floor.

I didn't really hide the fact I did it deliberately either. I sort of said "oh....what a shame, I'll have to go get another STERILE instrument now'.Maybe this isn't the most professional way to advocate for my patient but it saved a lot of time instead of arguing with the surgeons and having to explain the basics of asepsis.


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Im glad you go the job.what other questions did you have at your interview? I have an interview for the OR next week?


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Im glad you got the job. What other questions did you get? I have an interview for OR next week.

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That's awesome you got the job! I HOPE to be in the same situation next year!


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I'm late chiming in (congrats on the job!), but I have one question for you, or anyone else in this situation.

What would you want the circulator on the case to do if it was your Mother or child on the table? Act accordingly.

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