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I started crying during my nursing clinical, i dont know what led me to start crying. Do you think its stress or something else. I think the course is overwhelming. I decided to stay and tough it out. Is this normal?

I cried during my second ever clinical. I was beyond stressed, my clinical instructor was difficult to work with, and I had 3 sick kids at home and hadn't slept in 5 days. I felt really dumb. That quarter, 5 of the 8 of us cried at some point. It's hard. First quarter is HARD.

You know you and how you can handle things and what kind of circumstances stress you out. Take it in stride and get yourself together. Figure out what you need to do to feel comfortable in clinical and what you need from your teacher and fellow students.

Good luck, chin up!

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I think it happens to alot of students. I cried after my second clinical. I had a lol with contractures in all 4 extremities, we had to assess and clean her up after an incontinence episode. It was really the first time I had seen a really debilitated patient who was a total care. I am a very empathetic person, and all I could think of was how hard it would be to be like that. I broke down afterwards in our wrap up session with the instructor and other students. Luckily, they all understood, so it was OK.

Heck, even after 3 + years as a nurse, I still cry sometimes. I can't help it. I just take 5, go to the lounge, and give myself some time to get it together. It doesn't make you a bad nurse. It's normal to experience strong emotion in our jobs.

Hang in there you are fine!

Nursing school is a big adjustment. Especially if you are completing care plans at 2300 and getting up for clinical at 0400 the morning after. For me, it's all about how much sleep I am getting. Add to that the stress of nursing school and I think it's perfectly okay to cry. Hang in there. I guarantee you're not the only one that has ever broken down!

i cried and almost walked out one day.....we had a group of 8 in our group......all young and not wanting to do any work...instructor wanted to be young again too...always talked about sex life and going out....and let the young students get away with day the instructor had had enough of the silly behavior and yelled.....i got up and said..i know your not talking to me...i will be doing my care if you need me...she told me to sit or leave...well..i wanted to leave so bad....but i sat....latter the instructor and i were in the med room drawing up an IM injection and i told her i hated it here and this group and that i was sorry for saying what i said...she said i dint blame you...i hate it too,these girls are so are one of my best students and you know i wasnt talking to you but i had to talk to the whole group,we are a team...we talked and she said she would be more professional around them for now on...well...she was and thru the clinicals...but that was a bad day....remember it like it was yesterday....

I think this happens to most students. Just remember that EVERY nurse out there has gone through it. Clinical can be terrifying.

You should chat with yur classmates. I am sure you will get similar stories. Maybe chat with your instructor, or a nurse you respect, about obstacles they had to overcome.:)

Best of luck

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It happens. I'm near the end of school and I cried for the first time last week. It had nothing to do with the actual clinical. My patient had pulmonary fibrosis (end stage) and bladder CA.....the two things that my mother ultimately died from. Coincidentally, it was two days before the tenth anniversary of her death.

Bad mojo, man.

My clinical instructor was asking me if I was okay (I guess my expression was weird) and I kept saying I was. Hell I TOLD myself I was fine. As soon as I heard my patient breathing, it brought back a ton of bad memories. I slipped into the staff bathroom, wept for 5 minutes, cleaned up and gave myself a mirror pep talk for a few more minutes.....then came out and did my thing. Naturally the first thing my patient wanted to discuss was changing from a full code to DNR. Surprisingly I did okay during that part. I was cool the rest of the day but ended up confiding in my instructor about it because I was really upset that the situation caught me like that. We had a good talk about it.

So....yeah. Before last week I wouldn't have understood the concept of crying during clinical. But I get it now. I work in pedi oncology and have only cried once after a patient's death. It happens frequently on our unit unfortunately. It took a little old lady with horribly sick lungs and an incredible grace to break me down. It was a humbling experience and good for me. It certainly made me think about my role as a nurse in a different light.

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I've cried in clinical four times and I am in my fourth semester.

One of these times was last week. It was my first day of clinical and I got really overwhelmed with the computer charting and my drug book with all my papers was missing.

These episodes usually occur towards the beginning of the semester and my period is usually on its way.

You are not alone!

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