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BRCC & OLOL Nursing


Good morning! Can someone please confirm or discredit my thinking...I have a degree in Finance and I am thinking of making a career change to pursue nursing. Do I need to choose a school and "stick with it"? The reason I am asking is b/c I read that BRCC doesn't honor some of OLOL's classes and vice versa. OLOL also requires that 6 credit hours be taken through their college for acceptance to the clinical phase. The only pre-nursing classes I am missing are Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Microbiology. Since OLOL offers the Accelerated program and also the traditional ADN, it seems like my chances would be better there. While I would love to increase my chances and apply to both schools, it doesn't seem that will be possible...unless I am missing something. Can someone shed some light for me? :thankya: Thank you in advance!


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You are right about better chances at OLOL since they have more programs (accel and reg) and they accept more than once per year, but they are MUCH more expensive than BRCC.

The main difference in OLOL and BRCC is that OLOL does NOT require the labs for A&P and Micro, where BRCC does require them.

Each of these schools gives preference to their own students.

I went to OLOL. I only took 9 hours pre-reqs and then got accepted into the accel program. I'm now an RN at North Oaks in Hammond. It went by quickly. Good luck.

Accelnurse, thanks so much for the response. I think I need to decide if it is worth the higher tuition (about 3 times higher from what I have read) to have a greater chance of being accepted sooner. I am currently taking Psychology 2000 at LSU and plan to schedule A&P I in the spring. So, I have a few months to make a decision and it is not going to be easy. I am married and have a 1 year old so I have alot to think about and consider. Thanks again!


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hello accelnurse,

in which semester did you begin olol accelerated nursing program? do you know approximately what the gpa has to be in order to get in? do they calculate cum gpa for admission or is it the gpa in pre-requisites? i know that for the traditional program olol requires that you complete 6cr hrs there, but is that a requirement for the accelerated program? sorry for all of the questions. i tried calling olol a couple times, but i get voicemail. thanks in advance.


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I do not know of anyone in my class at the NO OLOL college accelerated class that took classes at OLOL. All of my pre-reqs came from Nicholls State.

if you have the gpa 3.0. and have all the prereq, you are most likely to get in. Just prepare for the interview.

Actually, I had a 3.7 gpa and all my prereqs and I didn't get in to the accelerated program. I'm kind of thankful I didn't get in because I don't have to work for Tulane for 2 years after I graduate.


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Actually OLOL puts a LOT of weight in the essay you are asked to write as to why you want to get in. Go talk to a Technical writing teacher and get some advice. Also for at least the last two years (including this one) Tulane and gov't grants pay the tuition but that is not a given.

Also think very carefully about an accelerated program; you basically teach yourself from your textbooks at least half of the time and I mean to teach yourself to give shots from a book is not easy. It is one tough program and not for sissys. We have a GREAT class this year, most people help others but you never forget (and they do not let you forget) that you may be one test, one skills checkoff away from failure and not ever getting into another RN program. So unless you are prepared to give up everything in your life but this program then find another way to being an RN. :o

Do any of you have any advice or suggestions going into the program?

I wil be starting at OLOL soon.

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