Brand New to Traveling


Hey my fellow travelers...

Just a few questions...

1.) What do you do with your house while you travel (if you have a house) Some people say to rent it out, but I love my house so much I would hate to rentors to mess it up. Any suggesstions??

2.) What do you with your spouse while you work? (Happily married without kiddos)

3.) What did you family (parents, siblings, etc) say when you decided to travel?

4.) Have you had trouble with pets? (2 small doggies)

5.) How do you handle homesickness?

My husband and I are both finishing up our Masters (mine in nurse education and his in accounting) and I cannot find a full time teaching job, so I thought in May, we would finally travel, before we settles down and started our family. I am just a little hesitent leave a mortgage and my family behind.

Please share your feelings/thoughts/experiences.....


Ruby Vee, BSN

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i sold my house before i left to travel, and i took my husband with me. (he's a nurse, too.)

my family and friends were quite used to the idea of travel nursing, since my sister traveled for a year in her ancient past, dh traveled for several years before we met, and i'd always expressed an interest in traveling.

the dog came with us, and the apartment that the company rented for us allowed pets.

homesickness wasn't a big issue. i had my husband with me, and we were on an adventure together.

in five years, when the teenager is launched, we plan to sell this house and travel again. we have our sailboat, and plan to live on the boat while traveling.

bagladyrn, RN

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Just a caution about your house - if you rent it out, it negates it as your "tax home", making you an itinerant worker - then you have to pay taxes on all the housing costs, travel money and per diems given to you by your agency. Tax home status is different than "legal residence" so be careful with this.


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Please read what badladyrn said above...that is VERY VERY important!

I left my husband at home this time...normally I have been taking him with me. He has an online based business, so it's pretty flexible. I've met travelers with their husbands' with them as house husbands with the kids, or they are retired, taking it like a vacation, taking temp jobs while in town etc. It just depends on what you and your husband want to do, either way has it's ups and downs.

I've been a free spirit all my life and have travelled alot so it was never a problem with my family. I've had my grandparents ask me why I move around so much but once I explain my reasons, they 'get' it...until the next time they ask! My friends are pretty supportive as well, they just see my travels as a great vacation spot for them in the future!

Besides, does it really matter what your family says?? You are traveling for YOU not anyone else. it's your decision. Be sure you have an unlimited phone service to keep it touch and live your life.

Most people with pets take theirs with them, you just have to plan some for where you are going to live, but it's no big deal.

Since I'm pretty much rootless, I don't get homesickness that bad, i just miss my husband alot. I use the phone and internet to catch up, webcams are a lifesaver, and I fly home every 3-4 weeks for a long weekend that is pre-scheduled in my contract.

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