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I was offered a phone interview for a position at Boston Children's. It's basically my dream job. Super exciting and a bit stressful.

As I prepare, I'm wondering how formal this interview will be. If it goes well, I may be invited for an in-person interview and shadow day.

Has anyone ever had a phone interview for a position with Boston's Children's? Any advice for me as I prepare would be greatly appreciated!

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I have no experience with Boston Children's. However, I conduct phone interviews as part of hiring.

My tip is to smile while you are talking on the phone -- smile and make a special effort to sound "up-beat." Don't go overboard and end up sounding like some sort of crazy person, but be sure to show some energy and enthusiasm in your voice. It's easy to sound "down" and unenthusiastic over the phone. Few people want to work with someone who is low-energy and unenthusiastic. That's a special challenge of phone interviews that some people don't think about.

Also, have something to drink with you while you are on the phone. Be in a comfortable place where you can talk freely, etc. and have some beverage to sip on. (I confess, I was sipping on wine during my phone interview for my doctoral program -- but i don't recommend that. I recommend water or a soft drink.)

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Is the phone interview with HR or a Nurse Manager?

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Phone interviews are generally pretty low key. You can expect to review your experience, answer a few basic "Tell me about a time..." type of questions and for it to be pretty conversational. Remember to smile and be confident. Answer questions honestly and thank the recruiter for giving you a call. This type of interview is simply meant to confirm you are who you say you are, to get a few more details about you to give to the hiring manager and to make sure you know how to converse.

Good luck!

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