Boosting my resume with certifications?


Hello all!

I am in my last semester of nursing school, and I'm polishing my resume in preparation for applying to jobs (FINALLY)! I have a section for certifications, but right now all I have is BLS and NIMS. Does anyone know of any other online certifications that I could do at home that might be helpful to me and my resume?

For a student, I would say my resume is pretty strong. But there's always room for improvement, right?

Thanks! :)

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I don't know of any certifications you can do at home. Any valid certifications have an in hands on portion that have to be done at a training center.


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NIH stroke scale. All online. Just takes some time. Very informative!

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BecomingNursey beat me to it - I was going to say NIH. Both my current full time and PRN jobs require it. It is a must if you plan on working in critical care or with neuro patients of any sort. The website she posted is the same one both of my jobs use, so it's definitely legit.