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Books? :)

by LadyPotter LadyPotter (Member)

So I recently stumbled across a YouTube channel called "EmpoweRN" her name is Caroline Porter Thomas.

She's a current nurse and basically shares her experiences and challenges as well as TIPS of nursing/nursing school. She wrote a book few years ago again giving tips and advice for both Pre-Nursing & nursing students. It's called "How to succeed in Nursing school-before, during and after". It's less than 10 bucks on amazon! So it's not too expensive

Maybe you guys already heard of her? But anyway it's great book & I would definitely recommend it for anyone that needs advice or motivation! :)

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, PinkRN12:

I have the book, and watched her videos. She appears to provide good advice.

Thank you.


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I have seen some of her videos. For the most part I like them. The only issues I really have with any of her stuff is her video on hygiene and looking her best or something like that. And while I know it depends on where you work and such, but if I were to show up at Clinical's in the way she describes herself: loads of makeup (and sorry but she does wear a load of it), manicured and painted nails, perfumes... I would be immediately sent home and kicked out. And I haven't even started classes yet! I know this only because at Orientation they had an "acceptable" and "not acceptable" list of how we should and should not dress for clinicals. I think aside that one video, the rest of them are pretty great.

Thanks for sharing! I will definitely look into her book and YouTube channel

I'm subscribed to her on YouTube; I enjoy her. I'm considering purchasing her book. :)