Board Ordered IPN


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Has anyone finished there board ordered IPN contract? I was wondering, if once completed is the settlement agreement still attached to your license? If so, is there a way to get it hidden after your done?

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

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I don’t think so. My understanding is that if board ordered (as in your license has a ‘yes’ under administrative complaint and a ‘yes’ under link to discipline, which then some nosy Nancy can click on and read all about your sins, that is there forever.

Now what is really interesting is that when escapes the clutches of IPN, they close your file and supposedly will no longer admit or deny that you ever participated in their program. The problem with that is that the settlement agreements with the BON (at least mine does) say that one must go to IPN and well, submit to their machinations (I prefer a different phrase but it’s a rather rude one.) So basically, since it doesn’t go away, the world knows you were involved with IPN, so their claim of your participation being confidential is bupkus.

Semantics aside, is a settlement (as in to avoid further discipline) really a board order?

I can say that what occurred with me was that I self reported my one time sin in the hopes of getting the confidentiality that is trumpeted about to encourage self reporting (apparently AKA tattling on oneself) and I still got nailed to the wall with public discipline. So the person that was arrested for trafficking in meth got off scot free in terms of having a squeaky clean license after their contract is over while I had a mental health breakdown and got nailed to the wall. No wonder I’m bitter.

So to answer the question, I’m pretty sure it’s there forever. If I’m wrong, that would be truly awesome. BON, DOH, whoever, I’ve never been able to get a straight answer out of anyone, unfortunately.

As a been there, done that RN with a BSN, MSN, and MPH,...

The legal and Nursing World still 100% “In Practice,” still sees “addiction,” as a crime, not a “disease.”

My advise will always be to pick up the pieces of your life, and spend your energy and knowledge somewhere else for awhile. The education even an AAS or ADN Nurse receives prepares you for many many careers paying $50K plus, until you are mentally, spiritually, and financially ready to face the BON.

You may even find, Like me, it’s not worth the fight when so many other basic needs need you worse, and are willing to pay much more for your knowledge and experience with much more respect and support than “Nursing,” ever gave you.

All I am saying, is keep your eyes and heart open to where you are NEEDED and can THRIVE with the education and preparation the Path you took gave you to a success you wouldn’t believe possible just by thinking “out of the box.”

It was just yesterday I led an RN(AAS) to a $76K position in AL with an Industry needing a Environmental, Health, and Safety Supervisor Position.

It is a position she loves, and has no plans to ever contact BON again.

She, like me, has already been offered Tuition Reimbursement back for a Engineering Degree with University of AL contingent upon 2 years of work post degree.

Opportunities for Growth and Success abound around you, even now.