Blown vein in blood draw


So I actually have quite a bit of experience with blood draws but today was a first for me. I blew someone's vein while drawing blood! This happened after I already had vacutainer full of blood.

i pulled out needle when I saw lump and applied pressure for a while. I sent away blood to lab. I am wondering whether this would affect results at all?

im wondering if there are any tricks to avoid this? I'm thinking I left tourniquet on too long on his little veins.



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It happens to everyone. No worries. It sounds as if you handled it well.

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Happened to me for the first time recently after hundreds of blood draws. Shouldn't effect the results since you had already collected the sample.

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It happens. I blew someone's vein the other day, but at least I got the blood-she was a very difficult draw!


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Sometimes it might cause hemolysis if any of the blood went into the vacutainer after the "blow." This will cause a falsely elevated K+. But the lab is good at detecting that and will order a recollect.