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Do OR nurses have to perform blood transfusions I was just curious...I am interested in this area of nursing it seems very interesting......I cant seem to find a home in the nursing field I have tried a few areas and I just need to find the area of nursing that will give me that feeling of ............WOW. Thanks in advance.......:)


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Yes, sometimes you have to transfuse in the OR. Just curious, why do you ask? (if you don't mind)


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Typically, the anesthesia provider is the person who actually administers the blood, though the OR nurse usually checks the blood with anesthesia

Thank you spine and nene for repsonding I appreciate that .....I asked because of religious purposes I cannot administer blood transfusions and I just needed to know if that was a requirement in the OR as I heard that the anesthesia provider administered the blood. I am simply tryin to find a home in the nursing field but yet at the same time not violate my religious beliefs which in some cases is kind of hard to do as I do not want to impose upon someone else my beliefs and I dont want to jeapordize anyone's life either when it comes to blood I tend to work in areas where I dont face that problem......I love the nursing field and I have worked in a few areas, right now I am in occupational medicine it is alright but it is not fullfiling to me. I left the NICU because those lil ones need blood transfusions on a regular basis so I decided to maybe try to work in the intermediate nursery it was cool but some of the nurses ganged up on me because of my belief and made my life miserable in the intermediate nursery so I left and went to occupational medicine. I really loved working with the lil ones and watching them gain weight and progressing to going home it was very fulfilling to me but the atmosphere of working with the other nurses who were against me because of my plight with blood transfusions was awful. I dont mean anyone any harm I just want to be happy in an area of nursing that is fulfilling to me and I can prosper and give my best.

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Are you a Jehovah's Witness? My son converted to that from being a Lutheran . My hubby is catholic. One of his kids are. Three of our kids swear they are atheists.

Interesting bunch we are,


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