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Anyone here apply to Jefferson State, Bevill State, or Lawson State for Fall 2023?


There was an acceptance letter from Bevill State in my maibox today. I've been waiting for an email. I didn't realize it would be a physical letter. 

It was postmarked June 27th, 2023. The date on the actual acceptance letter is June 23, 2023. My major is still pre-nursing in my student profile. I will decline, as this program is too far and was a backup.

I was accepted to the Sumiton campus with 31 points.

Application deadline: May 15, 2023

Decision letter: Created June 23rd, Postmarked June 27th.

Anyone here applied for Summer at bevill,Lawson, or Jeff state 

RN-GH said:

Anyone here applied for Summer 2024 at bevill,Lawson, or Jeff state 


I applied for Jefferson state Summer 2024! I haven't heard anything back yet. How long did it take to receive the acceptance or rejection letter/email?? I applied February 21st and applications were due march 5th.

Thanks for replying! I'm not sure I thought they said a few weeks from the application day but hopefully they send them out when they get back from Spring break! 

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