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bipolar disorder

Does having a diagnosis of bipolar disorder constitute mental incompetence in judicial court? I am applying for endorsement into Oklahoma and it says contact the board for further information regarding being declared mental incompetence in court.

Does anyone know?


Well I hope my questions do not make me a black sheep in this world. However I was also wondering.

Does anyone know why the tpapn Texas peer assistance program does not allow you to live out of state and participate. I live near the Oklahoma Texas border and I only want to work in Texas two 12 hour shifts 24hrs a week. I don't understand why I have to live in Texas to participate.

Has anyone ever lived in a neighboring state and participated?

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Moved to Recovery Forum - if this isn't the correct forum, just let me know. Thanks.

Just because you have a mental illness doesn't make you incompetent in court. If your mental illness is to the extent that your testimony may be unreliable well then that's a matter for the Judge to decide as far as admissibility but Bipolar Disorder is very unlikely to fall into that category

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That question is basically asking if you've ever had to be committed to a hospital against your will or been appointed a legal guardian to oversee the medical or financial aspects of your life because you're too incapacitated by mental illness to do it on your own.

It has nothing to do with testimony in court.


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