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I don't know how you can understand body function (physiology) without the anatomy to help you figure out how it all fits into the larger picture. I think it's crucial that we all understand body processes and not just regurgitate them on exams. I would never take all of them at the same time. I could see taking Micro with Anatomy and then Physiology. All of these classes require a lot of homework time and studying.

Good luck with whatever choice you make.

We had A and P together but there a few schools by me that do them seperate as well. Even though mine was together they still were taught seperate and I found anatomy to be the easiest because it was just a lot of memorization which I am pretty good at. Microbiology and physiology were a bit harder for me. Micro is not really that hard normally but I just had a hard professor for it. So I guess my answer would be from hardest to easiest: Physiology, Micro, and then Anatomy. I do think it varies greatly on what is easier vs. harder for you.

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