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My daughter is getting an ipod next week and I was just browsing itunes and getting familar with it. I came across some biology study cards for $4.99. It states that it has over 450 questions and answers from certified teachers and college professors. It highlights the essential biology definitions and concepts. Since I have been out of school for 14 years and I will be taking Intro to Biology this fall do you think this would be a good jump start for me?


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Hi there! DON'T BUY THOSE! The materials you get from those you purchase can be found for free that are uploaded by college professors themselves for their students. My favorite one can be found here, she teaches just about all the biology needed for nursing and she's so good at explaining. I love listening/watching her videos. If you look around she also have a section where you coan download her podcasts and upload those onto your daughters ipod. I can't say enough how great she is!!

For flashcards, I use where students themselves made flashcards for their biology classes. THey do the work and i just use them to study :p the only downfall is that you have to pay for membership in order to print them otherwise it's free to use

Hope this helps, have fun studying!:yeah:


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Thanks for the recommendations. I love being the recipient of others' knowledge. When I have some info to pass on I will do the same. Right now I am such a newbie though.

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I have an iphone and found an app called gFlashPro. It allows me to download flashcards I entered into my account on StudyStack. You can use lists other people have made too. The app cost me 4.99 but well worth it for me, great to do when waiting in a Dr's office or grocery line!

Check out itunes University too.... lots of free classes on there. Oh, and youtube as well... its not all music videos and home movies! I found a lot of useful videos on there for my algebra class.

Good Luck!!

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