Bio205 at Rio?


I wanted to retake my bio 205 grade before applying to the CEP program in February. I'm already taking 14 credits this semester and its just about all I can handle, so I was thinking about taking an 8week course at the end of November. When I first took this class at MCC I had a solid B for most of the semester with minimal effort. However, I bombed the final as I didn't study at all and it brought my grade down to a 79%, so I ended the semester with a C. So I know if I took it again for a full semester I could get an A, but the 8 weeks seems a little daunting, and I read that Rio is demanding online. Is it possible to get an A? Or do they ask for too much? It would be the only class I would be taking so I can put the time in. Any advice would be great as well.


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I took the 16 week version of BIO 205 at RIO. I ended up having to drop 3 weeks before the end because of a personal stuff and am retaking it in the Nov 8 week as well. But it was VERY demanding. There are essays and quizzes and lab activities every week. I spent hours per day on this class to get the material read, and the homework done. I am taking the 8 week Patho right now and its not bad. I am hoping that the BIO 205 is set up similar. The patho class has a quiz and 2 essays due every week. And the end is a large high point essay then final. I would also like a heads up on the difficulty and time needed for the 8 week version.

ETA: I took Bio 201 on campus at CGCC and it didn't take nearly the same amount of time to get work done because there wasn't much homework. Just tests and material to read. Its not the material that is demanding but the excess amount of homework required.


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It seems like the 16 week course is pretty demanding, so I can only imagine how the 8 week course is. I'm taking HCR 210/220/230/240 and probably spend 2-3 hours a day/4 days a week on all my classes and I currently have all A's, so I feel like I can invest the time - I've read a lot of posts about Rio's Bio 201/202 and they're negative. But then again I feel like 205 is just a lot of memorization where as Bio 201/202 is a lot of concepts.

How long are these essays?


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The BIO 205 essays for the 16 week are 3-5 paragraphs long, have to be like 500 words, I believe, and have to have an application paragraph at the end. If you grasp the concept behind the essay question, then the essay itself is easy to write. The thing I didn't like was the midterm. I don't mind them being proctored since that shows that the material was learned and not just googled, but some of the questions were complicated (for the midterm at least since I didn't make it to the final). Like they were on material that was "taught" but the were worded more complex. Your really have to grasp the content to score well. Since you said you were doing so well when you took it previously, this should not be a problem when learning the second time around. Overall, its not necessarily a hard class online, just time consuming.


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I took 156 at Rio and moved to Phoenix for 201, it's seriously night and day between the two. Rio was so random with test question, they wanted you to know EVERYTHING is the book with no focus points. Phoenix is challenging but they are reasonable with what they expect you to understand


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I took BIO205 and the lab at Phoenix College over the summer of 2013. It was an in-person 8-week class. I had the best professor to date in any class I have taken (I am a grad student transitioning from business to health care). If you are going to take the course, are ready to put effort in, and want the best experience that a micro class can offer, go to Phoenix and take my professor's section; seriously, she was the best.

Keep in mind, also, that some programs will not accept repeated courses of the same level when you apply just to improve your GPA. A lot of the time you would have to take an "acceptable substitute" course. This would be something typically higher in level than the class you are required to take, that would still have comparable information and workload to the original course. I enjoyed micro a lot, and feel that everything I learned (including the latin) has greatly improved my knowledge and ability to become an excellent nurse. Pay attention! I am in pathophysiology at ASU now, and I kid you not, microbiology plays and ENORMOUS role in this class!

Good luck!


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If you had the same Bio205 instructor I did, she is amazing :)


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I had a really generous teacher in that class and she would give you 100% on the essays if you were mostly right and did the application portion, but the class was still killer! The quizzes are easy because they are open book, so you will feel good about the class until the midterm and final. Holy crap those were hard! Seriously, I would never take another rio salado class again after that experience. The midterm and final are very difficult, I studied very hard and barely passed them, and I am mostly an A student. I would try to take it at phoenix college.


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I had Bio205 at Rio and thought it was only so so. Nothing against the instructor, but Micro is a class that should be taught in person - or at least as a hybrid course with an in-person lab. You will get so much more out of it... But if you need to take Micro at Rio, I suggest using the CD in the book to study for your midterm and final. Also, go over the review questions for each chapter in the modules - there should be a link toward the beginning of your new material to review material from the previous chapter. You will see questions from these reviews and from the CD on the midterm and final. The CD doesn't have an access code or anything so it is free to use and should be in the front cover of your book.

You'll get all of the potential essays for the midterm and final as you go through the course. Write up answers to those as the material is fresh in your mind and then study those answers before your exams. You can't take notes in with you to the exams, but if you are familiar with the answers you should be able to write the essays and application paragraphs in the time allowed.

There are tons of quizlets out there to help you study the material as you go through each chapter. Many of the questions in the quizlets are similar to ones you'll see on your exams, so it helps to do some Google searching to find those resources.

As previous posts have pointed out, the at home material (essays, quizes, labs, etc.) is doable, but the proctored exams are tough. These resources will help, but you really have to have a good understanding of the material which is difficult to do in an online only lab science. It can be done, though! Good luck!


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I took it online in 8 weeks and got an A, barely. I also took it by itself. PM me for some studying tips for it.

The quizzes are straight from quizlett, there are 4 essays... about 3 pages each. Labs were pretty intense and you have to be sooooo thorough. bombed the midterm but learned how to study for the final. Got an A on the final. The tests are 80 points multiple choice and 20 points of 4 free response questions. She gives you 20 free response questions before the test and will pick 4 of them. So you already know what you are getting tested on!

Goodluck! I couldnt imagine taking this with anything else, especially HCR 240! eek


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I know you said you wanted to take this course prior to February but I just wanted to let you know that I took it at CAC at the Superstition campus at night and it was extremely easy and still interesting. No lab practicums, no essays, no long answer questions. Most everything was fill in the blank or multiple choice. The study guides reviews are all available to you and all test questions come from them. Didn't even need a textbook. The teacher does make class interesting and is very nice and helpful. Tons of opportunities to get lots of points. I took it while I was taking Block 2 and still passed with an A. Towards the end is stuff you are already familiar with if you've already taken A&P or been in the medical field so it gets even easier. I'm not going to lie and say that I learned as much as I could about microbes but I did get a good amount out of the class, I also wasn't trying to spend all my time writing micro essays. Anyway thought this would be helpful to anyone who still needs to take it. Teachers last name is ------------------.