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Here in WV several nurses have gotten letters from a hospital in Johnson City, Tn, offering BIG bonus for coming to work there. What is the inside scoop? I have passed through this area and cannot figure out why this is being offered. I was told that employment there is hard to come by and that the major employers are downsizing. Is this a scam or what? Any info would be appreciated, I have a friend who is ready to pack her bags. Have a great day.

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I can tell you some info. It is the parent hospital to the one I work for, they are opening a big state of the art critical care unit. It is a big hospital that offers a lot of services and actually has a fairly decent reputation.They are also applying for magnet status. Yes the offer is legit. I don't know how much it is, unfortunately I am not eligible since I already work for this system.If you want any specifics I can try to answer them or find out for you


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I, too, rec'd a letter from a recruitment company for an "East-Tennessee Teaching hospital." The info sounded attractive...I'm simply not interested in moving my family.


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Hi. can anyone tell me the bonus they are offering? Just curious to find out. thanks

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Which hospital is it?

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johnson city medical center.the hospital system is mountain states health alliance. jcmc is the mothership :)

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