Beth Israel School of Nursing - NOT ACCREDITED???



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Their website says:

Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing is accredited by The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, 61 Broadway, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10006 (212-363-5555)

You can call and check.

I interview and they told me they were.

I hope so because I just got in and intend to go their in the fall.


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Ashcarr --

You just got accepted into PBISON? When did you here back from them and when was your application fully completed?

Yikes. I better get on the ball.


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the above website lists beth israel school of nursing as not accredited!!! someone please tell me that this information is incorrect! this was my 1rst choice for schools to attend.

discover nursing is a really bad website to verify this information, or any nursing information for that matter, that's been my experience.

went to the horse's mouth, the nlnac, and it shows beth israel son is accredited, do a search of the school here and you will see their status: ... the school in fact is due for a re-evaluation of its accreditation in fall 2009, according to the entry. should not be an issue i assume since they have been accredited since 1985!


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Hi Ashcarr30. How was the interview at Beth Israel. I am highly interested-so please let me know ASAP! Tnx


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what is the requirment for beth israel

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The above website lists Beth Israel School of Nursing as NOT ACCREDITED!!! Someone please tell me that this information is incorrect! This was my 1rst choice for schools to attend. is not an accrediting institution.

Therefore DO NOT go by them to check their accreditation.

Go to the source!!!

PS: Hospitals probably had to pay a small fee to be listed on website...I would bet my last dollar that is why Beth Isreal is not listed...they are internationally known and probably didn't see the point...nor would I.

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