Best way to study?


I'll be entering nursing school in January and I couldn't be more excited, yet nervous. For my pre-requisite courses, most of them were pure memorization and I am aware nursing school is focused on applying the information you learned rather than just memorizing it.

My question is, what study methods worked the best with you? I understand that nursing school can get overwhelming and I just want to explore the different options of being able to understand the material and applying it.

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Have you taken a learning styles inventory to determine how you best learn? Not all study methods work for everyone- what matters is that you find what works best for you.

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Be sure you get life arranged so that you have plenty of uninterrupted study time. Say good bye to your family for the foreseeable future; it will be worth it. Arrange for reliable transportation. Buy plenty of underwear and socks. Really.

Once you start, create a calendar with all due dates for your assignments, and schedule your study time. Try not to study more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Take frequent breaks and healthy snacks. If reading is assigned prior to class, do it. Adults learn best by discussing it with others and if you haven't done the reading, in class discussions will not be relevant.

Form a study group and meet on a regular basis. Try creating flash cards or a game. If your school has tutors, check them out. Also, if your school has any online platforms, such as ATI or PrepU, use them. There are a lot of other online aids. I find Khan Academy useful for A&P brush up.

If you find your self drowning, talk to your instructor or advisor ASAP. They want to help, but need to hear from you, they can't just guess.