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best study methods plz help! have newborn at home

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I am scheduling my nclex rn exam 3 weeks from now and have kaplan. Thats what I have been using to study. Planning on reviewing content and testing on all q bank questions. I need ideas for quick and relevant study methods for lab values, med calc and pharmacolog. I have a newborn at home so study time is somewhat limited. I need easy access study info. Thanks !!!

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Do you have all of Kaplan's resources online - content videos, question videos, qbank and qtrainer? Also, do you have the Kaplan content book? I just passed NCLEX last week and used several resources: Hurst (mainly for content), Kaplan (mainly for questions and strategy), NCSBN (both content and questions), Saunder's (content), and La Charity PDA (for priority/delegation). I'd say if you have three weeks until NCLEX, plan to study nearly every day (with a day or two off at most) and 4+ hours a day, especially if you feel you need more content/strategy. You need to go into NCLEX armed knowing "a bit of everything on content" and strategies.

I studied 10 hours a day for 2 months. A bit much, though I wanted to answer more questions right and pass NCLEX the first time! I could have studied a little less time-wise, though I'm glad I put in the extra time. I could eliminate most of the answers on NCLEX - though there were still some questions that are "obscure" and you need to use good strategies and look at each word carefully within the stem and answer. Overall, know your core content (Kaplan book), do all the qtrainers and qbank and listen to the question videos on Kaplan. I wasn't sure what the question videos on Kaplan were, and basically Kaplan reviews over 300 questions (in videos of 10-15 questions at a time) showing you how to break apart the question/stem and evaluate/eliminate answers. At first, when you don't have enough core content, it may seem like you're missing 50% of the questions, though as you study hard (review questions and take tests) and review these videos.. you will be amazed how it all comes together! You will be able to crack NCLEX q's with more ease - and knowing strategies will help you with q's on NCLEX that are "out there".

To sum it up - know your core content - kinda like a little bit of everything can be on NCLEX, lab values, procedures (ie. chest tubes, suctioning, IV, TPN/Gtube feeding, catheter, administering eye and ear drops, wound care, etc.), know what RN's/LVN's/UAP's can do or not do (priority and delegation questions are huge on NCLEX), infection control (very big on NCLEX - know types of precautions and diseases/illnesses within the categories, PPE to wear and if the door should be open or closed), know common meds and some within the drug classes - generic names are on NCLEX only, know common herbals (garlic, gingko, kava, ginger, st. johns wort, etc.) what they are used for and side effects (ie. liver).

Put the time and elbow grease into it and you will pass. Oh by the way, there is a 35 page study guide floating around on here - the pneumonics for infection control are super helpful! There are core "tid bits" within this study guide that points out what you should know for NCLEX. I reviewed the guide often, and in tandem with my resources.

Best of luck! Rooting for you!