Best Study Materials for NCLEX RN


Hello, I am new to this forum and never post anything, but I wanted some up to date info on the NCLEX RN.

I am scheduled to take my boards Feb 16 and I have done the online HURST review and I have been doing Saunders Q and A & Comprehensive questions. I did buy the kaplan book and did the 360 questions that came with that.

My question is to those who have taken their boards what study materials did you use? I feel that some of the saunders questions can be easy. I looked into doing the Kaplan questions but its $300 and that is just way too much for me. Does anyone really think the kaplan is worth it? Or did you find saunders to be good enough? What other kind of books did you find helpful for questions materials.

Thank you!! ;)


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It was so long ago that I took mine, that I used mostly material from school and review books that I found at the library or in the bookstore. I don't even remember seeing a Saunders book back then, might have just missed it. I was lucky I still had a lot of stuff in my brain from school. I think you are doing well with what you have. I would go ahead and test on the 16th and save the Qbank purchase in case you don't pass. Lots of people pass just using the Saunders book. Do you have the Linda LaCharity book on prioritization? Might be a good investment at this point. Good luck.


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Yes I do have that book as well, lucky for me we used it the last semester of nursing school so I am comfortable with those types of questions! Thank you!