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Hi everyone! I am just about to graduate next month-yippie! Only thing is I live in California and the Job market is flooded with new grads. If I can get a job in california (even in a SNF) I will stay here, but if I can't then I want to know my other options. I am young, single, have no kids, and am willing to re-locate for my career. What are some good areas that are taking new grads right now? Also, are these places willing to take an out-of-state graduate or do they pick the home-grown new nurses first?


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I had a friend who moved out of state hoping to find a job after looking everywhere, and she is having the hardest time finding work, because a recruiter told her that they do hire home grown first. I know in my area, if I were to move away, they would just see my ADN. But staying here, my school has one of the best reputations among the nursing schools in this area, so I would have a better chance staying here. The market is pretty bad everywhere from what I can collect. Although I have read that some places in Texas are hiring...but you do have to consider the pay cut, and the ratio laws if you move to another state. I too live in California and had considered moving for a year, just for that "experience", but after weighing all of those options, figured for my situation, I better stay put, and look under every rock!

As for you, single, unmarried, and no kids, if you are able to get a job somewhere, anywhere, I would probably take it, then you HAVE your experience, and you can always come back :) BUT, get the job, and then move, not the other way around...Just saying...things are tough right now! I'm in the same boat as you! Best of luck to you!


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If I was young and single with no kids I'd go into the Air Force, Coast Guard or Navy as a nurse. Or find another federal agency or program to work for no matter where in the country it would take me.

Its not a good economy and things aren't going to pick up any time soon. Serving your country always looks great on a resume.


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I live in SW MO and the market for new grads here isn't too bad...all of my graduating class that wanted a job has one. The hospital in which I got my job has an internship program with 16-20 weeks of orientation, plus classes.