Best Smart Phones/Apps?

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Hey guys, I've been accepted to a FNP program for Fall 2013. Just wanted to know what kind of smart phone(s) everyone is using and the programs/apps you guys have on it for school. Still using a flip phone (Don't judge lol) and I feel this is the best time to upgrade.


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I have a iphone 4s and use harriet lane's handbook app and i use epocrates which was given to us by the school.


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iphone 5, UpToDate is my favorite app.

I strongly discourage use of epocrates as some info is just downright inacurate



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Both apps mentioned are available for both iPhone and Android phones. I personally prefer Android, but iPhone is definitely more simple to use. I personally got really bored of mine after a while. Now I am pretty happy with my Samsung Galaxy. Play with both and see which you like more.


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I've been using the Micromedex Drug Information app since my undergrad days and I find it user friendly and informative. I want to say they have a drug interactions app as well, but I have yet to try it.