Best shoes for nursing school?

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What are your favorite shoes? We have to have all white for our BSN program....suggestion please

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I bought some cheap sketchers 'go walk' shoes and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put my feet in. I run track and have really bad tendonitis in my achilles and in both of my knees and being on my feet all day can seriously break me down. But with these I can be on my feet all day and experience no soreness or aches. I got the from academy for like 30 bucks.

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It really varies from person to person and what physical anomalies you have . I tried Sketchers and my feet were killing me. I wear New Balance cross trainers.


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I went through 3 pairs of shoes before I buckled down and bought Danskos. I'm really happy with them, and plan to buy more pairs of them once I can afford to!


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NurseMates, Dove shoe...seriously the best shoes I have spent 12 hours in. They aren't as pricey as Danskos either.


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Our school is all white when it comes to shoes, too! It's a downer because we can't have the flashy shoes, but we sure as heck can bleach them!

I went to my local famous footwear and found some nikes on sale, which were the only all-white shoes in a 50 mile radius. They look rather clunky, but I'm not dressing to impress anyone but my instructor. Many of my classmates wear converse or vans in clinicals, which I find ridiculous being that they don't look too comfortable after a clinical shift. But, pretty much anything will be comfortable with nice shoe inserts (splurge for the really good ones!) and TED hose!

Oh and do yourself a favor... Wear. the. TED. hose. I'm a male and I wear them and my legs feel great after a shift. You can find some really cool ones at sporting stores under the name "compression socks", which are the exact same things. They have sold colors and some flashy ones, too.

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I actually have 2 pairs of Sketcher brand shoes, one pair in white (I use them for school) and one pair in black (I use them for work) and they're the same model, just different colors. They're reasonably comfortable and they were fairly inexpensive. Everyone's foot and ankle anatomy is different and what works for me may not work for you. Here's the thing: aftermarket insoles can make a HUGE difference in how the shoe feels and fits and if you're able to get a good fit, you can actually change the wear pattern on your shoes. Also, once you have a properly fitting shoe, your feet may not be so sore or tired at the end of the day.

Wearing supportive hose can also make a HUGE difference in how your legs feel too. If you do a LOT of standing around with little walking or movement, use the hose. Otherwise, your feet and lower legs act as very effective pumps to move blood up and out of your legs, but that only happens if you move regularly and that can be difficult to do at times.

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